New Directions

From the Archives: Founder and President, Rob Birnie, of Verus Valuations was featured in Insurancewests Magazine, September 2010 Issue.  Almost seven years have elapsed since the publication of this issue, a year after the founding of Verus Valuations Inc.  Rob's unique business model has proven to be successful by providing unparalleled efficiency in valuation and appraisal services. Verus's target market has since expanded to provide audit, appraisal, and valuations services to many branches of the finance and leasing industry, catapulting Verus Valuations to the front of the line as Canada's #1 valuation services provider. Read the feature article for more insight on the genesis of what has made Verus Valuations the success it is today. New Directions in Loss Settlement from Insurers, Insurancewest - Issue September 2010

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