Company Profile

Verus Valuations® provides accurate, timely and cost-effective machinery and equipment valuation and appraisal services across the United States and Canada.   You can count on our extensive experience – combined with our in-house information management system – to ensure you receive detailed and consistent reporting each and every time.

We’ve appraised more than 30,000 assignments valued at over $1 billion – making us an experienced industry leader in servicing multiple industries and some of North America’s largest finance and insurance companies.

How can we help you?  Here at Verus Valuations®, we:

  • Offer accurate, independent and unbiased valuation and appraisal services with the highest level of responsiveness
  • Understand that timing is key in guiding business decisions
  • Provide comprehensive appraisals for all machine and equipment types and sizes, from an entire industrial plant to a single piece of equipment
  • Produce reliable, detailed and well-organized reports substantiated with market research
  • Quickly and effectively conduct machinery and equipment appraisals at any location across the United States and Canada