Physical Appraisals

Verus Valuations’ physical appraisals provide extremely accurate equipment appraisals. Our vast network of 400+ field agents across Canada and US ensures your equipment will be inspected as quickly as you need it to be.

A physical inspection of the equipment provides for additional substantiation to our value conclusion.  Each appraisal report includes complete on-site inspection details and photos.

Desktop Appraisals

Our desktop appraisals are the right solution if you need a quicker turn-around time or have cost constraints.

What is a desktop appraisal?   Also known as a limited scope appraisal, the valuation of the equipment is based on a description and photographs that supplied by you.

How is a desktop appraisal helpful? These are especially useful when the equipment is in a remote location or not available for physical inspection.  For every appraisal report, we carefully review all the available photographs and documentation in order to project and substantiate an accurate value.


Verus Valuations® is committed to ensuring our reports consistently meet the standards our clients expect:

  •   Timely
  •   Accurate
  •   Detailed
  •   Well-organized